Sunday, November 9, 2008

You are all I need

You are all I need
White Lion

I know that she's wating...For me to say forever
I know that I sometimes...Just don't know how to tell her
I want to hold and kiss her, give her my love, make her believe
She doesn't know...She doesn't know

You all I need beside me girl
You're all I need to turn my world
You're all I want inside my heart
You're all I need when we're apart

Oh, you're all I need, yeah...

I know that she's always...There when I need her lovin'
I know that I never...Told her how much I love her
I see her face before me...I look in her eyes, wondering why
She doesn't know, she doesn't know...She doesn't know


Say...Say that you'll be there
Whenever I reach out...To feel your hand in mine
Stay...Stay within my heart
Whenever I'm alone...I know that you are there

O whoa o whoa...

(Chours 2x)

All that I need...Is for you to believe
All that I need...Is you

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